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 Customer Reminder re: Online -  Electronic - and Self Service Options Due  Corona Virus

Due to unprecedented measures being required and  taken in New York State to slow or stop the spread of the Corona Virus by social

distancing and avoiding public and group contact.

We ask our customers to NOT visit either of our local offices IN PERSON at this time and are closed for INSIDE SERVICE including cash

payments until further notice. 

Instead, for the benefit and safety of our customers and staff, we are asking our customers only utilize our services via phone, email, fax,

electronic signature, mail etc.until safe to resume normal public interactions. Any critically necessary in person service needed should be

scheduled in advance by calling either our office to discuss and set an individual appointment if unable to complete your policy service by

other means available.

Most PAYMENTS, BILLING INQUIRIES, Initial CLAIM REPORTING etc. can be made online via your individual insurance company's website 

or smart phone app or via phone.

I have included the contact information for both of our offices below as well as two links from our web page for most of our

represented companies general web sites or billing or claims links.

If you do not see or find a listing for your individual company, almost all have a web site or smart phone app that can be found by an online

search or IOS or Android app store search.

We intend to keep our offices open for your service via online or phone contact methods during this crisis but in the event that we are required 

to close our local offices completely it is important that our customers are aware of all of their other online or direct self service options that are

available to them.

E Syracuse NY Office                                            Watertown, NY Office

Phone 315-437-2821                                             Phone 315-782-4300

email:   info@amkagency.com                               email:   watertown@amkagency.com

fax      315-437-5272                                              fax       315-782-4860



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